Hi! In case you haven’t read any of my other stories or don’t know who I am, my name is Rayaan Siddiqi and am a senior in high school from the greater Chicago Area who just published his first ever novel last week.

I can’t believe that I’m saying this but this past week I graduated from high school.

A four year journey which seemed never ending has come to a close. A four year rollercoaster ride filled with countless ups and downs has found its coefficient of friction and has converted all of its kinetic energy into heat, bringing four years to a close.

I still remember the first day of walking towards the new bus stop location: Kids from across the neighborhood all had scared faces as we all embarked on this unknown journey. I was a shy person who wasn’t…


So you have recently programmed a discord bot or have a script which you want to be able to decide when to run? Well you have to come to the right place. Today, I am going to explain how to quickly and efficiently deploy your python script to Heroku along with the advantages of doing such through the Mac Command Line.

Why to Deploy Your App to Heroku?

One of the main reasons why to deploy your python script to online cloud platforms like Heroku is because it is a much more efficient and practical way to run your script rather than executing the script from your…


The world is rapidly changing as we speak which is why many things we are used to which usually take place in-person are moving to online platforms. Hackathons are in that similar boat of changing from being an in-person event where massive amounts of people come together to have a great time to more online type events where the whole experience goes virtual.

The impact of COVID-19 is similar to that of the Great Depression


As of May 24th, the COVID-19 pandemic, throughout the world, has taken nearly 350,000 lives. However, it has impacted tens of millions of people more, look to anywhere in the world, and the impact of the virus is visible. Whether it be economically, socially, emotionally, the virus has taken a lot. Today, I am going to examine how the Great Depression and COVID-19 both shook society in terms of economics and displacement, and will shed light onto the government’s responses to such difficult times.

Note: This article does not represent my opinions on political matters going throughout the nation, I…

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science Can Help Stop COVID-19

Yes, you read the title correctly. An Artificial Intelligence Software designed to trace and locate the spread of viruses was alerted about the infectious diseases, COVID-19, nine days before the World Health Organization (WHO) released its statement alerting the public of the emergence of the coronavirus.

How It Went Down

It was December 30th, just a couple of hours past the hours of Midnight when an artificial intelligence platform known as BlueDot picked up “unusual pneumonia” cases occurring in Wuhan, China.

Have you started to notice how the tens of projects you have made ranging from standard web applications to published apps on the app store are starting to become a cluster and very disorganized on your machine. Many developers, including myself, reach this point after they have begun diving into the world of Computer Science, and there comes a point where you need to organize those projects!


Github is one of the best platforms to manage those projects and has a lot of functionality, today I am going to take you through one of its feature many developers utilize, that…

Rayaan Siddiqi

Student, Programmer, Producer, Editor, Leader. Always learning! Website: rayaansiddiqi.com

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