I can’t believe that I’m saying this but this past week I graduated from high school.

A four year journey which seemed never ending has come to a close. A four year rollercoaster ride filled with countless ups and downs has found its coefficient of friction and has converted all…

The impact of COVID-19 is similar to that of the Great Depression


As of May 24th, the COVID-19 pandemic, throughout the world, has taken nearly 350,000 lives. However, it has impacted tens of millions of people more, look to anywhere in the world, and the impact of the virus is visible. Whether it be economically, socially, emotionally, the virus has taken a…

Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science Can Help Stop COVID-19

Yes, you read the title correctly. An Artificial Intelligence Software designed to trace and locate the spread of viruses was alerted about the infectious diseases, COVID-19, nine days before the World Health Organization (WHO) released its statement alerting the public of the emergence of the coronavirus.

How It Went Down

It was December 30th…

Rayaan Siddiqi

Student, Programmer, Producer, Editor, Leader. Always learning! Website: rayaansiddiqi.com

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