The End of Another Chapter: High School

Big Lessons

Quick Tips

  1. One letter grade on an assignment or tests isn’t going to determine your future.
  2. There will be many people who will come and go in your life in these four years, enjoy your time with all of them.
  3. Don’t let high school drama cause parts in friendships. If you have an issue with someone, confront them and clear up any misconceptions. Remember that you will most likely not meet 90% of this group of people in your life again.
  4. The past can’t change, so don’t worry about it. Instead, look to the future and how you can make the next day, the best one.
  5. Don’t hold off everything till the last minute. I know that procrastination will happen, it’s just bound to occur. However, you must learn how to complete things before that 11:59 PM due date. It saves you a lot of stress, plus it’s a great feeling knowing that you’re done with something and don’t have to worry about it.




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